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"Seriously fantastic book. "



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Emily Stone has made a mess of things. Desperate for a fresh start, she finds solace in the last place she felt safe. A small diner in her home town, where she comes face-to-face with a man she should recognize.


Owen Grant was in love with Emily when they were kids, but the shy, quiet boy has grown into a confident, daunting man. It's been years since he secretly pined over the girl who didn't notice him. And now that he's finally caught her eye, it's too late. He's moved on and wants nothing to do with her and the complications she brings along.


Emily's life is catching fire around her and she's yet to figure out who's holding the match. But the connection she shares with Owen is one neither of them can ignore. When the embers of their past start crackling awake, nothing can prepare them for the moment it turns into a full-blown flame.

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